PAYROLL COMPANY– An independent company that is hired by the Production’s Accounting Department. The payroll company provides VOUCHERS for BACKGROUND TALENT. The payroll company processes the daily vouchers and issues checks to the background talent. They are responsible for issuing talent their W2s for tax purposes.

VOUCHERS– A daily timecard that background talent fills out. Will include your start time, lunch break, and end times, along with your daily rate. You will need to fill out an I9 on your first day of employment.

CALL TIME- This is your report time. This is the time you should be checked in and ready to go to work. Not pulling up to the parking lot.

BREAKFAST- First meal of the day on Set. Could be at 5am, 5pm, or any time in between.

LUNCH- Typically Lunch is called 6 hours after the crew’s call time.

CRAFT SERVICE- Snacks provided while you’re working on Set. Sometimes we have the same Craft Service Set-up as the Crew. Other times, we have our own Set-up. We always ask for healthy snacks for our athletes, so you can get the fuel you need to play a sport for 12+ hours a day.

HOLDING AREA- The place where you’ll spend your time when you’re not on the field or court, usually a locker-room.

TAKE – A single recorded performance of a scene.

QUIET ON THE SET – Everyone, and everything, quiet.

ROLLING – The film is moving, and “Action” is about to be called.

ACTION – Begin doing what you’ve been instructed to do.  Note: You will be told whether you will start your movement on “Action” or on “Background”.

BACKGROUND OR BACKGROUND ACTION – An “Action” call for players who are in the background of the main action.

 CUT – The “Take” is over and you can stop your action.

BACK TO ONE – Return to your starting position for the shot.

WRAP – The end of a day’s shooting.

CREW CATERING – The place where breakfast and lunch is served.  And the place where you check in every morning.  Remember: Crew eats first. Crew members need to eat quickly so that they can return to set and begin setting up for the shot after lunch.  Therefore, we will not eat lunch until all crew members have been through the line.

DIRECTOR – Directs the action/actors, and is responsible for the creative storytelling of the movie.

1ST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OR 1st AD – Controls all activity on set.

2nd AD, 2rd2ndAD, PA – Assists the “1st AD” with all on set activities including getting everyone through Hair & Make-Up, getting actors to set, etc.  Essentially, as quickly as possible, they get everyone involved in the scene, to the set and ready to shoot.

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY OR DP – In charge of making the film look good – The head person in the camera department.

GAFFERS – Responsible for lighting the set.

GRIPS – Responsible for moving and placing all the equipment on the set.

PROPS- In charge of everything that an actor touches.