We put together some common questions that we receive from our Athletes and Actors. We also have a list of DEFINITIONS to help out some of our new Talent that have never worked with us before…

Is GCF an agency?

No. We do not represent you, nor do we ever take money from you. We are hired by the production company to cast athletes/actors for sports scenes. You make us look good!

Does GCF pay me?

No. Just like us, you are hired by the production company. The production company usually hires a PAYROLL COMPANY to handle the payment for all of the Background. You are almost always paid on a daily VOUCHER that you fill out each day you work. You will receive a check for each voucher you fill out.

What if I have not received my check?

The Payroll Company works very hard to pay you as quickly as possible, but it usually takes 2-3 weeks to receive a check, sometimes longer if there were a lot of extras that day (a big crowd scene, for example). If you have not received your check in 4 weeks, there is a number on your copy of the voucher that you can call to inquire. We cannot call on your behalf, but if they are unable to help you, please contact us. They will also handle your W-2s.

Here are some payroll companies that Productions often use:





What is an SAE?

Special Ability Extra.

What does $150/8 mean?

$150/8 is an example of a daily rate. It means you are guaranteed $150 for the day, whether you work 2 hours or 8 hours. If you go over 8 hours, you will make time and a half Overtime. So, if you work 12 hours, for example, your total amount for the day would be $262.50

Why do you not give us the info until the night before?

The CALL TIME or Start time for the next day is affected by when Production finishes shooting that night. There has to be a certain number of hours between when you finish shooting and when you start up again, called Turnaround. So, until Production wraps for the night, we don’t know the Call Time for the next day. That’s why you often receive text messages from Aimee, Jessi, or Melanie at 9pm or later, giving you all of the info for the next day. SIDE NOTE: PLEASE RESPOND BACK TO US AS SOON AS YOU CAN!! : )

Do I need to bring my own lunch?

No! Unless we tell you otherwise, plan on eating a meal when you arrive to set. That will usually be BREAKFAST, although that could be at 5pm. We call it Breakfast because it’s the first meal of the day on set. Approximately 6 hours after CREW CALL, LUNCH is served. Snacks or CRAFT SERVICE are provided throughout the day. Reminder: Craft Service is for when you are working/shooting that day, not an opportunity for you to grocery shop for all of next week’s snacks! Respect the job that the Craft Service department does and do not take advantage of the situation.