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Frequently Asked Questions

I created my profile. Now what?
Now click on the “Projects” tab on the left side. This is where all of our current casting calls are listed. Read the description, and if you’re interested, hit “Submit Profile”.

I am under 18, can I still create a profile?
Absolutely! However, if you are a minor (Under 18), please put your guardian’s contact information in.

What is Union Status?
if you don’t know what it is, select “Non-Union”.

What do I put for Accomplishments?
Anything that might set you apart and you want us to know!

I’m a great athlete, should I sign up for all sports?
Pick the sports that are your best and most proficient.

Why is the profile video limited to 30 seconds?
To be honest? Bandwidth. We want the website to move quickly. This is a great place to just do an introduction video. You can record it on your phone. Say hi and tell us your name. Let us see your personality. You can include links to action videos under each sport.

Little League Team Hands In
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